La Casa de Piedra


I recently visited Cuetzalan, my favourite pueblo mágico (so far – I haven’t been to all of them yet) and stayed at ‘La Casa de la Piedra‘ for the second time. The hotel is a gorgeous setting with rustic stone built rooms and views of the Cathedral and country side (depending on where your room is located). It is a boutique style hotel and offers tranquility in an often bustling nearby zócalo. The hotel is rated #1 in Cuetzalan on Trip Advisor, a well deserved rating given the quality of service, the beautiful rooms and intimate setting, and most importantly, its close proximity to the zócalo.

I particularly recommend staying here if you are looking for a romantic weekend away from city life in Puebla (or DF). If you book a suite you’ll get to enjoy your own personal hot-tub (come on, who doesn’t enjoy a hot tub?). If you are travelling on a budget then look out for my next post on Hotel Casa Huitiki.


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