árabe and pastor spits

Tacos Árabes

This is Puebla’s Taco

an open taco arabe

an open taco árabe

This arab-style taco is a real favourite for meat-lovers in Puebla. It originates from an influx of lebanese immigrants from the 1920’s. The special thing about the taco, which is cut from marinaded pork (not so arabic then?) cooked on a spit, is the unique flavour and preparation of the meat, as well as the tortilla used to hold the filling.

Rather than a typical corn tortilla, a flour based tortilla called ‘pan árabe’ is used. This is a pita-type tortilla that is larger and thicker than your regular corn tortilla. Now you have your taco just squeeze a bit of lemon juice and add chipotle salsa, roll the taco back up and you are set to go! If you like the pan árabe but are not so keen on the meat, then no worries, Mexicans have a solution for everything… just order your taco al pastor ‘árabe’ style. That way you get the meat you want with the tortilla you want. On the topic of ‘tacos al pastor’, it is very common to find both these tacos in the same taqueria (spit next to spit). Keep in mind that the taco árabe is much bigger than the al pastor so for every 2 tacos al pastor you only really need one árabe. Oh and yes this is a Puebla speciality so be sure to try it on our Puebla street food tour!


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