Taquitos de Puebla

Frijoles Charros

This is Beans

Mexicans and their beans: they love ’em! They have them with everything, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. And it’s not the just the one type – there are various, with different tastes, shapes, and consistencies. I’ve never been a beans kind of a gal. I like beans, but not with everything and I never crave them, that’s for sure. If they’re there I’ll eat them, but I never miss them. I feel this makes me less Mexican. Maybe I’m not a ‘real’ Mexican but after living here long enough you start to feel that you’ve at least become culturally Mexican. If you’re going to be a great lover of Mexican food, I think having a thing for beans is important. Well I have finally discovered that love.


If you haven’t realised (you must have realised!), since moving to Puebla, I have fallen in love with the food. I never knew real Mexican food till I got here, and ever since I’ve been in foodie heaven. I have a lot of favourite dishes and now wish to add ‘frijoles charros’ to that list. I probably like them so much because I never thought I would. But when tasting them for the first time, my life was changed forever. Just kidding!

Good ‘frijoles charros’ are hard to come by. They’re not good everywhere so that’s the risky thing about them. One must only order them upon recommendation! So here is my recommendation to you. If you want to try delicious ‘frijoles charros’ you need to head to Taquitos Puebla (located at 31 poniente y 3 sur). They also serve tacos, and alambre (with a particularly delicious vegetarian option!).

So what are ‘frijoles charros’? Literal translation: ‘horsemen beans’. The dish is of a soup consistency comprising of pinto beans, onion, garlic and bacon, stewed with a number of other ingredients (varying depending on the chef) such as chorizo, peppers, chile serrano, tomatoes, cilantro, etc. The soup tastes delicious and has a spicy kick to it.

I particularly recommend this dish during the cold nights of Puebla ‘winter’ as it’s very warming. Be sure to add a squeeze of lemon to make it taste that much better.


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