Salsas for Tacos/Gringas

La Gringa

This is Gringas

Gringas: not just a nickname for foreign females (typically from the USA), but also a delicious street food dish. Gringas are a type of quesadilla, the twist being that flour tortillas are used rather than corn ones.

[I’d say this is one of the main misconceptions about Mexican food abroad (I’m referring to brands like ‘Old El Paso’): that flour tortillas are predominantly used, when that is most certainly not the case.]

Anyway back to the gringa, which works like this: a base of a flour tortilla, then a filling of cheese and meat, then another tortilla on top. All grilled so the cheese melts. The meat is typically ‘al pastor‘ but there are many meats (and even vegetables) that can be used as fillings. In fact this is a great option for vegetarians if your friends want to go for tacos. Then to make it as delicious as possible, add salsas like the ones pictures above and pico de gallo (always served with quesadillas). Oh and don’t forget to squeeze some lemon on it too (lime for you non Mexican folk)!

So why ‘gringa’? The name stems from the idea that flour tortillas are preferred north of the border. It’s as simple as that!


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