Pelonas aka baldies

This is Pelonas

There’s lots of competition for awesome sandwiches in Mexico, and two of the best come from Puebla: cemitas and pelonas. Check out my previous post about cemitas here. You must be thinking: another dish that is unique to Puebla? Yes indeed! When I rave about Puebla, it’s rightly justified.

A pelona is a bread roll. When fried and stuffed with naughty ingredients, it is still called a pelona. Just like cemitas keep the same name whether they are filled or not. The pelona looks similar to a cemita but with no seeds on it, which I suppose is why it was given its name; pelona means bald/without hair, in spanish.

The bread roll is unique in that when fried it doesn’t absorb the grease and become soggy, it just creates a crusty delicious exterior. The pelona is then typically filled with beans, lettuce, shredded beef, cream and your choice of salsa. As always I go for salsa ‘bandera‘ as I like to taste both green and red sauces. This is a smaller sandwich in comparison to the cemita but not one to be dismissed lightly. The crunchiness and combination of the cream and salsa, which aren’t present in sandwiches like cemitas and tortas, make it truly heavenly!

If you want to try Pelonas and you are visiting Puebla then contact us to book your free street food tour!


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