Vamos a las Luchas!

This is Luchas 

entrance to the luchas

Lucha Libre, which literally means ‘free wrestling’, is like WWE Wrestling but much more entertaining. Puebla has its very own lucha libre arena that hosts wrestling every Monday night. This is an experience you can’t pass up on. The wrestlers known as luchadores, bring their charisma, energy and unique costumes to create a fantastic night of entertainment. Most people will recognise luchadores by their distinctive colourful masks, though not all choose to use them. Throughout the night you will see different wrestlers fight each other, and not always 1 vs 1, but also 3 vs 3 for example.

There are three different ticket prices, according to where you sit: 70 pesos (high up), 80 pesos (middle area) and 150 pesos (ring side). In the picture below you can see the three seating areas. Personally, I would recommend the ring side seats, because in other seats it is harder to get chelas (beers)! Much like going to a baseball game, having a beer makes the experience that much more fun. Also like baseball games, there are vendors who come around selling different foods, but Mexican style. You will see cemitas being sold, for example, rather than hot dogs.

The Luchas are located at the ‘Arena’ in El Carmen (very close to the historical center): 13 Oriente 402, El Carmen, 72530 Puebla. The arena hosts ‘lucha libre’ every Monday starting at 9pm. Tickets can be bought on the spot at the ticket booth, or in advance at

This is a quintessentially mexican experience that you shouldn’t pass up on. Soak up the atmosphere and be ready to use those vocal chords!


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