Presidente Municipal Election

This is Política

Since my arrival in Puebla a month ago, the campaigns of Tony Gali and Enrique Agüera (the two main candidates) for the seat of  ‘Presidente Municipal ‘ (Mayor) of Puebla have been a daily presence. Their adverts are continuously on TV and their presence on the street is remarkable. Each has posters on every corner, lamp-posts, and traffic lights. There are even entire walls painted with their names. They have campaigners handing out posters for your cars and homes at every stop light and I have even encountered rallies for both.

From experience, I have found that the youth of Mexico, like many countries,  is disgruntled with the politics of their country. They see politicians as corrupt, and elections as not being fair. This was exemplified by the recent election of the President of Mexico-  Enrique Peña Nieto. Yo Soy 132 (a student protest movement centred around the democratisation of the country and its media) protested against the election of the eventual winner, Peña Nieto, as they claimed electoral fraud and media bias was taking place.

There is a mexican saying which says ‘él que no tranza no avanza‘ which means those who do not cheat do not advance in life. This expression is often used in describing politicians and perfectly sums up a lot of young Mexicans attitude toward politics.

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